I am a lawyer working in the city center of Lodz. I have been living in this city for my entire life. I specialize in civil actions, payment claims, inheritance proceedings, and divorce cases.
What is more, I defend my clients in criminal cases, and I represent legal entities in long term cooperation.
I strongly encourage you to contact me and start a collaboration.  

Kajetan Kałużyński

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Zachodnia 59 lok. 1
91-063 Łódź 

NIP 7262561393
REGON 368917420

PKO BP 66 1020 3378 0000 1002 0334 6210

how can i help you?

Criminal law

I represent people in court and fight for the rights of injury victims by pursuing compensation.

Payment claims

Our law firm suits for payment, as well as assist on each of the steps during enforcement proceedings.

Inheritance law

I help with claiming and receiving an inheritance or disclaiming it if a deceased was indebted.


I do my best to calm the emotions of my clients before the divorce trial, as to make the process less emotional and complex.


I help in receiving compensations for injuries e.g., sustained in public transport accidents or caused by medical mistakes.

Child maintenance and custody

I fight for increasing the time spent with children, and I help in getting more money for child maintenance.

Marital property regime

I assist in inheritance proceedings, as well as in dividing common property after a divorce or a dissolution of co-ownership.

Representation of legal entities

Our law firm provides services for legal entities.

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